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This site will educate you on the scientific ways to judge the odds on your favorite betting pastime.  If you want to learn to bet like the professionals do, whether itís on cards, horse races, sports betting or whatever your pleasure is, you need to know how to calculate the odds!

If you donít the house will beat you every time.

We human beings are actually notoriously bad at weighing the probabilities and the statistics involved in almost any gambling or betting situation.  At poker, roulette, the ponies, football or basketball sports betting,  we make decisions based on poor information or worse, superstition.  In short, we make the Las Vegas casinos very happy, and our wives, husbands, and friends miserable.

If you want to win at gambling you need to know the odds.  Knowing the odds can help you know what the proper points spread is at your favorite hockey game, or at least let you know when to walk away from a bad bet.

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